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Another Awesome City of Trails!

Excellent job today racers, volunteers, kids, jazz musicians--and even you, Mr. 90 Degrees!  It was so great to see the extraordinary effort to persevere despite the heat and all the fun between family, friends and competitors.  So many factors mesh together to make a race a great event--thanks--whoever you are-- for being a part of it!

Results will be accessible as soon as possible.  Watch for the link posted here. 

The Registration "National Trails Day" is not currently available.

City of Trails

St. Croix Falls is the "City of Trails" for good reason.  Miles of city-limit trails wind through this ancient, glaciated valley on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and alongside the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.  Take the opportunity on National Trails Day to celebrate health, wellness and physical activity with FIVE great running/hiking events on trails. There's an enjoyable racing experience for any level or runner or trail enthusiast!

National Trails Day

Why do we celebrate trails and National Trails Day®? Because America’s 200,000 miles of trails provide access to the natural world for recreation, inspiration and education. Trails provide opportunities to breathe fresh air, get hearts pumping, escape from daily stresses and maintain overall health. NTD represents years of hard work, dedication and countless volunteer hours contributed by nonprofit groups and community organizations across America. According to the Outdoor Industry Association’s annual Outdoor Recreation Participation Study for the United States 2010, 40 million Americans hike and backpack, 22 million Americans paddle, 7 million mountain bike, 5 million rock climb, and 4 million trail run. --from the American Hiking Association.


City of Trails Races--Mission

Making lifetime habits of taking the trail.